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5 reason why a beach shade tent is your best choice for a sun-safe summer

August 15, 2019

5 reason why a beach shade tent is your best choice for a sun-safe summer

 Lately we've started seeing beaches packed up with all types of tents or sun shelters. These tents are becoming more and more popular every summer. Is it a trend or does it really worth it? Do you need a beach tent?

1.A beach tent offers a constant shade than the usual umbrella. Shade is imperative for babies, children, and pets! The interior is always kept cool by not allowing the sun’s rays. Beach tents from reputed brands come with a decent UPF ratings (SPF 50) which is good enough to protect your skin for most part of the day. Some even come with a ventilation system which prevents the tent from overheating.

2.Light to carry, portable and easy to set up. No one wants to cary a 20-pound tent at the beach so that’s why there are ultra-light beach tents out there - these are folded quickly in the carrying bang and will fastly get you ready to rock’n roll.

3.Beach tents provide great privacy. By using these tents, changing into swimming suits is not an issue anymore. Few of these tents come with additional features like zip-up facilities.

4.You don’t need to worry about windy days anymore since beach tents will allow you to get out of the wind. There are also beach tents that come with anchor stakes and sand bags

5.Your beach tent is also suitable for going with your kids at the park, picnics, camping trips or any sort of outdoor outing or activities.The assembling of these tents is easy and does not need any special skills.

Beach tents have several convenient features. While some of them have canvas floors so that you are not sitting right on the sand or ground, others don’t. Most of these types of tents have large front openings in order to enjoy the view. Some include roll up and down door covers or even roll down windows that also convert into floors. There are also tents that spaces such as pockets. These are features that you should think about before buying your perfect tent! Whether you’re planning day trips in the sun, camping out or exploring in all weathers, beach tents can provide you with the essentials you need for a peace of mind.

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