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Top 5 Camping Destination for Adventures in the USA in 2021

February 11, 2021

Top 5 Camping Destination for Adventures in the USA in 2021


In these prevailing conditions of a world-wide pandemic where the crisis has not only disrupted the global ambiance but has also imposed restrictions on travel and movements; So here’s a guide to satiate your yearning for an outdoor adventure and to relieve you from the quandary to choose the right site.

In recent years, over 41.6 million peoples embarked on recreational camping within the US which demonstrates the potential this country has for camping ventures…From picturesque valleys amidst undulating clouds to the sky stabbing mountains, from Grand canyons to majestic woodlands to Atlantic coastlines and serene lakes of Oregon; the United States is the gateway for nature wanders and explorer enthusiasts.

In this article, we’ll go through “ Top 5 Camping Destination for Adventures in the USA in 2021”to choose the best campsites in America…

Acadia National Park, Maine


The Acadia National Park is located in the northeasternmost state also known as ‘Pine Tree State’. The area lies alongside Atlantic rocky coastline encompassing 17 million acres of scenic forest, with over 6,000 lakes and 3,200 miles of streams and rivers, along with being ranked amongst the Top 10 most visited places of US; this is your dream camping site!

The woodland is famous for the stunning fall foliage and snow-covered tracks in winter. One can indulge himself and his children in various activities like trekking, rock climbing, kayaking and snow fishing, cross country skiing in winter. You can even throw in your outdoor blanket and mediate in the tranquil ambiance or journal your thoughts and experiences with the soothing melody of birdsongs in the foreground.

Cadillac Mountain is one of the most revered and the highest place of the national park which is admired for breathtaking dawn views from atop. Along with that, there are three campgrounds for setting up your tent, which include Smuggler’s Den, Blackwoods, and Seawall. With a variety of recreational options and wildlife sightings -Acadia National Park makes you seventh in heaven.


Yosemite National Park, California


The Yosemite National Park is located in the western portion of the US. Being in the absolute wilderness away from populated cities and urban noises, this is a ‘ No Man’s Land’. With so few distractions to get carried away, Yosemite National Park is the perfect pick for your next camping destination.

With over 95% of the park completely inhabited by humans, it offers a sweet retreat into nature and entices enthusiasts with the famous towering Bridalveil Fall. Apart from being surrounded by giant redwood sequoias, there are granite monoliths like El Capitan and Half Dome that are revered amongst rock climbers from all over the US. Currently, there are 13 campgrounds dispersed throughout the park along with some backcountry camping options for the nature-driven lads. With many hiking trails, and wildlife literally passing by you; this place enlightens you up with good vibes.


Olympic National Park, Washington


The Olympic National Park is one of the best camping destinations in America, it sprawls across diverse ecosystem, ranging from temperate rainforests to the rugged coast; the park puts forward exceptional landscapes with variety of flora and fauna -making it an all in one package!

The park is sited in the third-largest state of the US and is spread across an area of 3,734 km². There are over 900 camping sites some of which near the ocean and rainforest are ideal to camp, consider exploring Quinault Rainforest and get to see the millennia-old and the largest Sitka spruce of the world; Quinault Giant Sitka Spruce(191 feet).

Set up a tent and an outdoor blanket to have lunch at Ruby Beachwhile the ocean forges its own sea-song behind the scenes. The beach gives in fascinating views of mountains and the rainforest of Olympic National Park. If you’re fond of watching aquatic life, then La Push Beachis surely your place. Witness the awe aspiring giant whales during their migration season in the northern beach of Washington.

Arches National Park, Utah


The world-famous Arches National Park is situated in eastern Utah, lying in close proximity to Colorado River and Moab Utah; the park is home to the largest proliferation of sandstone arches on the planet. There are over 2,000 such arches scattered throughout the park, providing a variety of short and long trails to trek on.

To your surprise, the mornings can be cold and the rocky bed can be seen whitewashed with snow but it doesn’t last for long. The captivating trials in the park can allure you to have a close-up look and spend some time in these unrivaled geological formations. The Fiery Furnace is an area within the canyons that is more like a maze without marked trailheads but an absolute adventure place to see . KIDS WOULD SIMPLY LOVE IT! But be sure to have a ranger guide or good how-now of topographical maps to navigate the place without difficulty.

Explore over 50 campsites of Devil’s Garden or stop by the magnificent Delicate Arch to click-in some pics of your loved ones. Once you’re done with daily activities, encamp beneath the open sky to experience some nostalgic moments of stargazing with your children. Let’s see if they can find their favorite constellations in the rural sky away from city lights…


Crater Lake National Park, Oregon


Ever thought about camping close to a volcano? Yes… A volcano bounded by a vibrant blue color lake!
The Crater Lake is Uncle Sam’s purest, deepest and clearest lake you’ll get to see around. The one obvious reason for this is that it has no inflow streams and is primarily fed either by snow or the rain.

The Crater Lake National Park hosts this lake which is the deepest lake in the US, but the thing that makes this mystical lake stand apart from other lakes is the volcano amidst its center. Though it’s just a left-over depression of volcano it continues to attract not only avid campers and explorers but scientists and geologists as well due to its sui generis nature.

Pack In…Get Ready…and Explore

You can choose between Mazama (which is for Recreational Vehicles RVs, camping) and Lost Creeks (which is only suited for tents) campgrounds for your next camping visit to Crater Lake National Park.
You can also opt for Backcountry camping with your family to get better insights into the area but don’t you forget to get permits from the park HQ.

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