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1. Q: Your packing cubes description 110% customer satisfaction policy,does that mean if something goes wrong with the packing cubes whether it be a zipper broke or a tear in the material years down the road will you replace it for free? A: Your assumption is correct!Our company believes in challenging the status quo. Our goal is to provide consistently reliable products and an exemplary level of customer service. If you are not completely satisfied or if you experienced any problems with your packing cubes, please let us know.We promise we will do whatever necessary to make it right for you.

2. Q: Is your blanket dedicated use only for cold or extreme weather? A: Although it's an excelent product for extreme weather conditions, it has a wide variety of applications like baseball & football games, picnics, festivals, hikes, and also as a couch or mattress cover protector for your pets.

3. Q: Is SuitedNomad outdoor blanket warm enough? A: Yes this blanket is warmer than the usual stadium/outdoor blankets.It has a breatheable thermal barrier lining inside that reflects your body heat back to you!

4. Q: We just purchased the outdoor blanket, can this be washed in a washing machine or wipe clean only? A: Unless necessary, we recommend hand washing your blanket by whipping it down with a wet cloth.If machine use is needed wash the blanket in cold water on gentle cycle with a mild color-safe soap

5. Q: What is the warranty for your inflatable camping pillow? A: This is a inflatable pillow you only need to buy once in your life, because it comes with lifetime warranty.

6. Q: Why would I need to use packing cubes? A: SuitedNomad packing cubes will make it easy to find your clothes, underwear, socks and other small items, without tearing apart the entire contents of your suitcase.

7. Q: How to choose the right compression packing cubes? A: Look for packing cubes that are as lightweight as possible. There’s no need to add extra weight to your luggage, especially with airlines charging a fortune for overweight luggage. SuitedNomad has some of the most ultralight packing cubes on the market.

8. Q: The camping pillow comes with a pretty cool and large carabiner!is it strong enough for climbing? A: It will attach to your gear fine. I would not depend my life on it though. It is pretty light.

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